Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Motivation?

I ended 2012 with little motivation to run or really do anything.  It was a difficult year for me personally and I really struggled to maintain any form of normalcy in my life.  It's a new year now though and time to start thinking positive and acting on that positive attitude!  Started working on my training plan for 2013.  So far here are the races I am planning on doing:

Polar Bear Strut 5K
Run for Mercy 5K
2013 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon
2013 Marine Corps Marathon

I'm sure there will be more scattered in between the marathons.  Might actually do the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon a few weeks prior to the Oklahoma City Marathon as a way to gage my fitness and stay motivated.  Saw a challenge on Daily Mile where you choose to run 13 races in a year.  That might be a good way to stay motivated!  Haven't found 13 races to sign up for yet though... still thinking on that!