Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5k

On Thursday November 27, 2014 I ran the Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5k Run. There are actually several Turkey Day runs to choose from in the KC area. I chose this one because I have run it many times before although it's been a few years... But also I chose it because the course is along Ward Parkway. I always loved running along Ward Parkway when I ran cross country and track in high school. I will never run close to my PR 5k time that I ran in high school (20:45) but I still enjoy running and especially when it's along a route that brings up some good memories.

I was pretty slow in this run. My official time was 35 minutes which works out to be about a 11:17 minute mile (62/131 in Age Group and 1448/2688 Overall).  That seems to be my normal pace these days. If I try to pick up the pace I can get in to the high 9s or low 10s but most the time I am in the 11 minute range. I suppose I could improve if I tried to... hill training, interval training, etc... but to be honest I run mostly for my mental health these days. Running is a great anti-depressant! I had fun despite my slow time. And it was great to run in to a fellow runner, Red Cross volunteer and friend - Sherri. She ran a PR in this race! So happy for her! Oh and another reason why I chose this run over the others in the area... Pie! We got a pie for finishing instead of a medal. I thought that was pretty cool! 

All finishers got a 6 inch Tippins pie.

Here are some pics from the run:

Can't have a turkey trot without a turkey!

This was the participant shirt. It's a  long sleeve tech shirt.

The Starting line.......

It was cold and I actually overdressed... I need to invest in some more appropriate cold weather gear!
Friend Sherri crossing the finish line after running a PR!

Me, Sherri, one of her kiddos and her husband after the race getting our pie!