Sunday, July 27, 2014

I was getting stronger, running further then bam... Injured!

My running was starting to go well. I was getting stronger, running further and even getting my times down a little. It was nice to see a few miles in the 10 minute range instead of 11 or even 12. I even had a few 9 minute miles sneak in every now and then which although isn't fast it's better than I anticipated since I don't run consistent throughout the year like I did when I was younger. I will never be fast like I was in high school when I was a skinny less than 100 pound runt. But I'm okay with that! I run now more for my mental health than anything, and also so I can eat ice cream without feeling guilty! 

A few weeks ago during my long run I felt a twinge of pain in my left calve. It was like a cramp but it wouldn't go away. I managed to finish my 12 miles and with a little stretching, ice and ibuprofen as well as my normal rest day on Monday it got to feeling better without missing any runs. Then this week while running 5 miles it seized up on me again. Again I was able to finish my run but in considerable pain this time. When I got home I could barely walk up the stairs to my apartment. It was even worse after I showered and headed to work. Going back down the stairs was pure hell. I got to work and propped my leg up and iced it on and off throughout the day. The pain didn't subside and walking was a chore. I knew this time I was going to have to rest and miss some runs. The timing stinks as I was going back up in mileage this week and so far have missed my Saturday semi long run day (7 miles) and my Sunday long run which was to be 14 miles today. So bummed!

So what instead of running am I doing today? Currently using a heating pad to warm up the calve muscle then will foam roll it. That will be excruciating I'm sure! Then ice... And repeat! Hope this works or I may be depressed beyond depressed soon. Running is my anti-depressant.

I am hoping I can run tomorrow at least a few easy miles. I know I can't make up the missed miles but as long as I don't miss too many days hopefully no one will have to heed the following warning: 

Happy training!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What do bad runs teach us?

Some will say there is no such thing as a bad run. I'm pretty sure today was a bad run. I just didn't feel good from the first step to the last. I ended up walking...a lot! But... I got the miles in. 

What do bad runs teach us? Well I learned today to keep moving even when I feel bad. The next mile might be better than the previous and that was true today. I had some bad miles today but I had some decent ones too. I wouldn't be able to say that if I had quit and not tried to finish the run. 

I also kept working on my nutrition. I started using NUUN a few weeks ago and it seems to be helping. I previously used Gatorade which is loaded in sugar. My main issue is losing too much electrolytes so I am trying NUUN and salt tablets although I didn't use salt tablets today.

I also learned today that my calf is doing ok. It didn't bother me during the run other than a little discomfort. It is a little sore after but it's not getting worse and that's a plus! 

So, can we learn from our bad runs? Yes, yes we can... I am still on target for Chucago Marathon! Happy training! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Four on the Fourth Run

Completed the Four on the 4th run on July 4, 2014. Completed it in 43:58 which is 10:59 pace. I didn't try to push it. Was glad to be under 11:00 pace without knowing my pace the entire run (there were no clocks on the course). I didn't decide to run it until the day before. Thought it would be nice to run on Ward Parkway again. Used to run that road a lot when I ran cross country in high school. While I'll never run as fast as I did while in high school it was still fun to run familiar roads from long ago again. 

Nice patriotic race bib. and what more appropriate shirt to wear for this race?

Me heading up the last hill before the finish.

Almost there... 

Gun time is shown in the pic. Chip time was 43:58. 

Tech shirt and medal. 

Gah... I hate seeing pics of me running! I really hope to drop some extra pounds and look more like a runner again! Mileage is going up this week in preparation for Chicago marathon. Surely my weight will go the opposite direction? Getting old sucks! It's harder to keep the pounds off. I never was a skinny minny but I wouldn't mind dropping about 10-15 lbs...