Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slacking... Time to get my mojo back!

I have been very inconsistent with my running since pulling out of the Marine Corps Marathon last year. I was unemployed and injured (hamstring) and honestly... not very motivated. I couldn't justify going to the Marine Corps Marathon (financially) and really didn't think my hamstring would hold up for 26+ miles so I scratched it. Just took a peek at my training on dailymile and wow have I been slacking! I am now employed full-time again so it's time to get back to a routine. I always feel better when I am running regularly so it's time to pick some races and start working towards some goals. I didn't get in to MCM this year. They switched to a lottery and my name wasn't chosen. While I am disappointed about that, it might be for the best. I am way behind on bills and it will take me some time to get caught up financially so maybe I will consider KC Marathon in the fall. For now I think I will just look at spring races and see where my motivation takes me.... Here's what I am thinking for Spring Races:

Logo OL
5K - 4/5/14
Rock the Parkway
Will be volunteering only. 4/12/14

Running With the Cows
Half-Marathon - 5/10/14

8K - 5/26/14

Half-Marathon - 6/7/14

Once the spring races are complete I will evaluate where I am at and think about a fall marathon. Ok, I will likely think about a fall marathon before the spring races are done but depending on how my body feels at that point will determine if I actually do a fall marathon!

Happy Training Y'all!  

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