Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Patriots Run 2014

The Patriots Run is a run held on 9/11 each year to Thank and Honor those who Serve our Country. Thank you Veterans and current Military!

There are several different distances to choose from. A participant can do the 5k, half marathon, full marathon, ultra distance or compete as a team in the ultra. I chose to do the half marathon. I had completed a 20 mile run the previous Sunday as part of my training for the Chicago Marathon. Doing a half marathon so soon after that 20 mile run was a little ambitious and my legs would rebel. By mile 10 my quads were screaming and I was reduced to mostly walking. I made sure to run at least a portion of each lap and each lap it became harder to continue but I had already planned on this being my long run for the week and quit was not in my vocabulary that day. I ended up losing count of laps and completing an extra lap or 2. Oops! This was a pretty low key race and I ended up finishing first in my age group. That doesn't happen very often to me and I was quite surprised to hear the news. I later learned there were only 5 women in my age group, I was still surprised to finish first though. After all, I had been walking most of the final laps. Hardware is always fun to get so thank you to Patriots Run for the medal! :)

This year the event was held at a new location: Oregon Trail Park at 100 S. Robinson in Olathe, KS. It was a .66 mile loop with a few hills along the way. Temps were in the high 50's to low 60's throughout the event which made for great running weather. I am not sure who to credit for the pictures taken on race day but I wanted to share some of them here:

Loved all the flags and military present!
Thank you military!
Thank you!
Part of the motorcycle procession that got the race started! Military and Sheriff's Office participated in the procession.

Some of the military present in the procession before the race...
Johnson County Sheriff's Office had a couple motorcycle officers on hand to get the race started.

One of several who carried a flag during their run.

Kudos to all those who carried the flag during their run.

Always awesome to see our military participating in the run, many of whom wore full packs and/or were in uniform!
Another member of our proud military in uniform participating in the run!

Looking great guys!

This lady passed me countless times, she kicked ass!

This lady in yellow also kicked ass! I don't know how many times she passed me but it was a lot!
Here are some of the speedy men in the run.
This guy rocked it!

This little guy rocked it too!

I never look happy during a race....

I was pretty pooped with 2 laps to go and this guy took the time to chat with me. He asked how far I had left and provided encouragement. Runners rock!

Had this view every lap.  Nice little scenic park.

There was lots of food and drinks. Very well organized event. thank you!

These are some of the awesome volunteers! Thank you!

Those doing the ultra finished in the dark...
Overall it was a great event and I look forward to returning next year! 

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