Monday, November 3, 2014

Cliff Hanger 8k

I completed the Cliff Hanger 8k yesterday. I decided to run in it about a week ago. I am pretty certain the only way I am going to be able to convince myself to run through the winter and not get lazy like I do every winter is to run in some of the local races. I have actually wanted to do this one for quite some time. It's been around for 29 years and I remember hearing about it as a local high school runner years ago but I never got around to entering it until this year. The weather forecast almost scared me out of doing it (cold front was moving in) but it turned out to not be a bad day to run. Temps were in the 40s and it was partly cloudy. It was really windy but once the race got going it wasn't too bad. It felt as if we were protected from the wind somewhat because Cliff Drive is along a Cliff (hence the name). There were a few sections where a gust got through but over all not a bad day.

I didn't tell anyone I was doing this run so it was a surprise when I ran in to friend Anna and her friend Sara at the start. We chatted for a bit until the race started and then caught up with each other at the finish to go partake in the pancake breakfast.

Sara, me and Anna before the race start.

Me, Sara and Anna after the race at the pancake breakfast.

My goal for the race was to run around 55 minutes if possible and at the very least finish under an hour. Other than a tight hamstring I felt pretty good. I saw the first mile split was 10:40ish and so I tried to maintain that pace since it felt good. To my surprise I managed to keep the pace to the turnaround. I was feeling good and decided to just go with it. As I got close to the finish line I could see the clock and realized I was going to be in under 55 minutes. I was happy with that considering I haven't run much since the Chicago Marathon. I know I am slow but I think if I can run through the winter and not lose my mileage base, I can get my times down in the 10 minute range. That's my goal anyway.... we'll see if I can stay motivated through the winter.

Below are my results and some pics from the race:

My results:
53:37 = 10:43 pace
Overall 241/341; Female 133/216; AG 16/28

Cliff Hanger Run was ran exclusively on Cliff Drive which is a designated Scenic Byway.

Start and Finish were the same location. 

Me just after crossing the start line. I don''t look like hell yet!

Nice scenic course.

Now I look like hell. This was pretty close to the finish and I actually felt better than I looked!

Gearing up for the finish

Finish Line - Clock time was ahead of chip time. Subtract 30 seconds for my official time as it took 30 seconds to cross start line after the gun went off.
Sara and Anna approaching the finish. They always seem to be enjoying themselves!

Finishers Medal
KCPD closed Cliff Drive for the race. Thanks KCPD!

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