Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Heartland 39.3 Series

I don't have a clue what I was thinking when I did this but I registered for the Heartland 39.3 Series a little while back. I think I was hoping it would motivate me to get running. Well it's now March and I haven't been running regularly. I am so in trouble! It's not less than 5 weeks from the first race in the series... the Rock the Parkway half marathon. I usually volunteer as a course monitor at this race because I am not in shape to run it. Now I have no choice, I have to run it. I paid for it, time to suck it up and do the training and hope I can somehow run my way in to decent shape in time for this!

If you are interested in running in the Heartland 39.3 Series click here to register. It start with the Rock The Parkway half on April 11th, then moves to Olathe for the Garmin Wickedly Fast Half Marathon on April 18th then finishes in the cow pastures in Kansas with the Running With The Cows half marathon. I have only previously run in the RWTC half so the other races will be a new experience for me. Ugh... I hope I can get in to enough shape to enjoy it!

1st in the series....
2nd race in the series...

and last but not least.... the final race in the series.

Good luck to everyone who is participating! 

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