Saturday, June 9, 2012

Miles for Meals 5k

Ran...or maybe I should say walked...the Miles for Meals 5K this morning.

Been having trouble with shins for quite some time and more recently this week my left ankle is bothering me. Today was no different. Tried stretching before the gun went off.  Started out slow. Shins loosened up but became apparent the left ankle was going to be a problem. Kept a slow steady pace to the turnaround. Stopped for water at the aid station. That ended up being a mistake. Ankle was hurting and couldn't get going again. Walked until I couldn't stand it anymore and then slowly trotted the remaining mile or so to the finish. Have no idea what my time was. Doesn't really matter since I walked so much during the second mile. Was a beautiful day for a run. Too bad my body isn't cooperating.

Got home and iced the ankle. Hope it gets better soon. Start my marathon training plan at the end of the month.

Finally looked up my time... 35:37. Not surprised since I walked so much.

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