Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wow am I slow!

Just out of curiosity I looked up my times for the 2 half marathons I have completed and the one marathon I have completed.

2:13:29 - 2005 Hospital Hill Half Marathon
2:23:03 - 2011 Running with the Cows Half Marathon
5:04:46 - 2011 Quad Cities Marathon

Wow am I slow! Granted I am not as young as I used to be but wow am I slow! Completed my first marathon in 2011. Knew I would be slow thanks to a calf injury keeping me from completing several of my training runs. Running is going fairly good this year. Having issues with shin splints but it seems to resolve itself within about 2-3 miles of the run. Having only done a few races at these distances, why can't I go faster? That's the question I am asking myself and I am determined to find an answer. Guess that means I better start training rather than just plodding along just to put in the miles. I will never match my high school time of 5:20 for the mile, 21:45 for the 5k or 48:xx for the 10k but surely I can improve on my half and full marathon times. Still on track to do the RnR Nashville Marathon providing I want to spend the $. Goal marathon is Marine Corps Marathon. Registration opens in March and the date is circled on my calendar! Running with the Cows and Hospital Hill are both on my calendar as well. How about a PR this year??? Time to start training!

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