Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Warrior

Why do I insist on cramming all my weekly miles in to the weekend?  Ran 25 miiles this past week and 22 of those were Friday through Sunday.  My long run yesterday sucked because my legs were so tired!  The first few miles felt good but by time I got to the turnaround I was beat.  Had a little weiner dog/beagle mix chase me with about 2 miles left and I was so tired I bent down to it's level and barked at it instead of trying to run away from it.  Stupid thing went running back to it's owner.  I am sure the owner was laughing at my bark but I didn't care.  The next step was to bite it if it didn't leave my ankles alone!  Discovered I don't care for Chocolate Outrage GU.  Better to find out during training than in a race.  Goal for this week is to get some miles in during the week!  My mid week run increases to 7 miles this week.  It's the mid week semi long run that i can't seem to get in during the week.  The Sunday long run is really hard when i do my mid-week semi-long run on Saturday.  Need to quit doing that!!!

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